In May 2019 D&P Music had their first world premiere performance, where they performed CORSO - three miniatures composed by the Belgian composer Wilfried Westerlinck. CORSO pictures parade of flowers and it’s been composed and dedicated to Dessy and Szymon. Later on, a fourth miniature was composed and added to the cycle but hasn't been performed yet.

The event took place at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London and was great success.

''.....Written in 1950, Assobio a Játo (Jet Whistle) for flute and cello is a perfect example of Villa-Lobos' exotic style. His choice of flute and cello offers maximum contrast between high and low, metal and wood, wind and wire, breath and bow. With high contrasts in range and timbre, the texture is so transparent that it is polarized. The music is chromatic and cool, swirling over a vaulting range of pitch and, across three movements, a range of nuanced moods.The title comes from a name Villa-Lobos gave to a particular novel technique the flautist must employ in the fast glissandi of the third movement sounding to him like a jet plane....''

''.....The flautino, the instrument originally specified by Vivaldi, was a Baroque cousin of the recorder, but because the editor of this concerto's first published edition (from the 1950s), composer Francesco Malipiero, assigned it to the piccolo, it was generally performed by that instrument. Today, however, the recorder appears to be the instrument of choice by the work's exponents.

The concerto opens with a lively orchestral ritornello, after which the soloist enters with a display passage that dazzles with its rhythmic drive and virtuosic writing....''

''...Dozens of composers since have  been inspired by The Four Seasons. One of our favorite takes is Astor Piazzolla’s  Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Las cuatro estaciones porteñas). Piazzolla is known for having pioneered nuevo tango, or new tango, which incorporates diverse musical elements. In The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires we hear Piazzolla’s love of 18th-century works and modern jazz masterpieces, both styles in which improvisation is essential.

Unlike Vivaldi’s concertos, Piazzolla’s Four Seasons wasn’t originally intended to be a series. Piazzolla wrote the first of the four compositions Summer (Verano porteño) ,followed by Autumn (Otoño porteño), Spring (Primavera porteña), and Winter (Invierno Porteño) came around five years later...''

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